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JRM Chemical introduces Deco Beads and Deco Cubes

Deco Beads are new innovative polymers that swell up into round gel beads to create glimmering floral and candle arrangements. These translucent beads are considerably less expensive than marbles or stones. Easy to use, just add water! One half of an ounce makes over 1 ½ quarts of decorative gel beads. Deco Beads highlight flowers and the surrounding decor; and are available in ten exciting colors. There are six colors available for Deco Cubes.

Deco Beads and Deco Cubes are ideal for silk and fresh cut flower arrangements. They can be used for several events; weddings, birthdays, parties, graduations and more.

Available in retail packages and in bulk commercial sizes. Deco Beads and Deco Cubes are non toxic and safe to use.