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New Products and packaging for the 2008-2009 season

JRM Chemical has introduced several new products and package changes for the 2008-2009 season. These products tie in very well to the "family of polymer products" JRM has to offer:

  • Soil Moist Paks: water-storing polymer crystals in a premeasured pack or tea bag. No measuring required
  • Soil Moist Paks Plus: water-storing polymer crystals and an 8-9 month timed release fertilizer in a premeasured pack or tea bag
  • Soil Moist Natural: corn starch based polymer that lasts one season. Ideal for containers, baskets and vegetables
  • There are four new colors to the Deco Beads line: white, black, yellow and orange (10 total colors available)
  • New retail packaging on Soil Moist and Soil Moist Plus: eight ounce and one pound are now in colorful retail bags (no more jars)

All of our products are available in attractive retail packaging and bulk commercial sizes. For further information please contact JRM Chemical or your local distributor.