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New Soil Moist Dealer Mini Rack from JRM Chemical, Inc.

JRM Chemical has introduced a new Dealer Mini Rack display for its popular line of Soil Moist water management polymer and mycorrhizal products. The four shelf, free standing polystyrene merchandise rack makes an ideal water management center for stores to display all the Soil Moist products. And the compact size rack makes it possible to display in any size store.

Included with the display are seven cases of the popular Soil Moist products: three ounce bag, one pound jar, eight ounce Soil Moist Plus 7-7-7, three pound container, three ounce Transplant mycorrhizal and one pound Flower and Garden Plus mycorrhizal.

Soil Moist is designed to reduce plant watering by 50% and is ideal for all plantings indoor and outdoor. Soil Moist mycorrhizal products are designed to improve soil and plant ecosystem, reduce plant stress and loss, and increase water and nutrient uptake. All of these products are environmentally friendly and cost effective.

JRM Chemical offers a full line of products with retail and commercial packaging.

photo of Soil Moist Mini Rack