Soil Moist Natural packaging

Releases water into the soil as it dries out. Safe & biodegradable.

Soil Moist Natural

Soil Moist Natural is a grafted starch polymer designed to reduce plant waterings by 50% and last in the soil for an entire season. The organic starch in Soil Moist Natural is derived from corn. Soil Moist Natural is completely safe and biodegradable like our other Soil Moist polymer products. The product will hold several hundred times it weight in tap water and readily releases it back to the plant as the soil dries out. Ideal for hanging baskets, annual beds and vegetables.

Use 1 teaspoon per 10" container. The product must be incorporated into the soil at the root level.

Benefits of Soil Moist Natural

  • Reduce plant waterings by 50%
  • Lasts in the soil for an entire season
  • Completely safe and biodegradable


photo of Soil Moist Natural 3 oz bag

3 oz. bag (SMN3)

photo of Soil Moist Natural 10 oz bag

10 oz. bag (SMN10)

photo of Soil Moist Natural 34 oz container

34 oz. container (SMN34)

photo of Soil Moist Natural shelf unit

Shelf unit

Soil Moist Natural: Application Rate Table
Pot Size Amount Pots per 3 oz Package Pots per 10 oz Package
6 inch 1/4 tsp 115 300+
8 inch 1/2 tsp 55 170
10 inch 1 tsp 28 80
1 gallon 1 tsp 28 80
3 gallon 3 tsp 9 24
5 gallon 4 tsp 7 18

*Trees and Shrubs:  Use 3 tablespoons per diameter inch

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