plant roots with mycorrhizae

Inoculates transplanted trees, shrubs, & plants during planting time

Mycorrhizal Products

Mycorrhiza is the relationship between the plant root and beneficial fungi. The roots of most plants are colonized by the fungus. This colonization extends far into the soil and are extensions of the root system.

Mycorrhizal fungi is found in undisturbed soils with other beneficial soil organisms. Today's common practices such as tillage, site preparation, road and home construction, minind and removal of topsoil can degrade the mycorrhizal forming potential of soil. The fungi improve the ability of plants to utilize the soil resources by ten to hundreds of times.

For a listing of mycorrhizal products, see the list below. Many of our mycorrhizal fungi products contain Soil Moist water storing polymers to reduce plant stress and water management. Refer to the specific forms listed for each product for detailed technical information and application rates.

Coming soon, new Mycorrhiza packaging and product sizes. Keep watching for details...


  • Improves soil and plant ecosystem
  • Increases plant growth and establishmen
  • Reduces transplanting stress and plant loss
  • Increases nutrient and water uptake
  • Improves soil structure and porosity
  • Reduces fertilizer

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