plant roots with mycorrhizae

Mycorrhiza Starter Kit

Soil Moist Mycorrhiza is the relationship between the plant root and beneficial fungi. The fungi improves the ability of plants to utilize the soil resources and improves water and nutrient uptake by providing a larger root mass. Our mycorrhiza products also contain water storing polymers to reduce waterings by 50%. Our "Plus" products add a timed release fertilizer. Organic Blend is a mixture of beneficial bacteria that helps to improve the root zone fertility and organic content in the soil.

Soil Moist can be cross-merchandised when selling green-goods and potting soil to your customers.

As an introduction, we have the following starter kit:

  • 1 case of three ounce Transplant bags, packed 12 per shelf unit
  • 6 each of one pound Transplant jars
  • 6 each of eight ounce Container Mix Plus jars
  • 6 each of one pound Flower and Garden Plus jars
  • 2 each of eight ounce Organic Blend jars

Mycorrhiza Starter Kit

Item: JCD-MYSTK (030541-070057)
Suggested retail price is over $250.00

For further information on each item, refer to Form # 185